• Kinder Bueno - 100g

    Kinder Bueno - 100g


    Milk Chocolate Covered Wafer with Smooth Milky and Hazelnut Filling For more information visit: www.kinder.com Bueno is a delicate chocolate bar with an indulgent taste. Each melt-in
  • Ferrero Hanuta Wafers - 44g

    Ferrero Hanuta Wafers - 44g


    This delicious Kinder Hanuta bar sandwiches a rich chocolate cream and crunchy roasted hazelnut center between two crisp waffle-style wafers. Prepared with only the highest quality ingredients...
  • Kinder Cards - 25.6g

    Kinder Cards - 25.6g


    Kinder Cards is a new unique biscuit with a surprisingly creamy milk and cocoa filling enclosed within cocoa and milk wafers. The wafers enclose and protect the creamy heart to guarantee the best...
  • Nutella Ferrero B-Ready - 22g

    Nutella Ferrero B-Ready - 22g


    A delicious crunchy wafer shell filled with creamy Nutella® and sprinkled with puffed wheat crisps. Nutella® B-ready is the most convenient way to enjoy the unique...